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Equipment ExchangeSale / Échange ou vente d'équipement

Equipment ExchangeSale / Échange ou vente d'équipement

klines posted Jan 7 at 4:49 pm
Child's ski boots, SNS, size 34.

Fisher waxable skis, SNS binding, 130cm.

Our children used these when they were in the 5-7 year old range, BR2 / JR1.

Price negotiable.

Contact Karen Lines (

klines posted Jan 7 at 4:39 pm
These skis and boots are perfect for children in the bunnyrabbit program.

Ski boots size 32. Three-pin binding. Good condition. These are nice warm boots. We bought them new.

Waxable skis, 127cm long. The skis are very well used. We bought them used and our three children all skied on them.

Price negotiable.

Contact Karen Lines (

Went to Austrian Ski Shop on Monkland in NDG yesterday, and they have some new Fischer RCS Sprint wax 140's (3 pairs... fit my 7 year old) and 150's (3 pairs... fit my 8 year old) left-over from a school project available for $40 if anyone is interested (then you need to add bindings, boots, poles, etc...) Same ones on sale at MEC online for $79. He can also check the camber to fit kids.

nprice1 posted Oct 10 '16 at 1:26 am
Children's Ski Boots
NNN, size 34 - 10$ donation to Karl Baadsvik Fund
Children's Skis

Suitable for 2-4 year old - 10$

Contact: Neil Price (

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